I am strong, because I am weak...
I am beautiful, because I know my flaws...
I am a lover, because I have been afraid...
I am wise, because I have been foolish...
And I can laugh, because I’ve known sadness...
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27 Nov 2011

Ugly Truth-Brown Eyed Girls

Lyrics for jetAudio

What is going on in this situation
What are the words that are circling in your mouth
The dull kiss, something is definitely different
A heavy night that I can’t even get mad (heavy night)

Your kind lies
There’s no problem, I’m being truthful (I like you)
I hate myself for wanting to believe it
If I wasn’t so sensitive
Would I have been able to spend more time next to you?

*But I can hear it, la da da
The heart that’s about to leave, la da da
It hurts to see you being considerate
I’m really hurt
Just ruthless time, la da da
I’m sad at my anxious-self
Get me out of this path that will only lead me to despair

Your greed of not wanting to be a bad person
My greed of acting oblivious and tolerate this
I can’t even hurt you, I feel so small
It’s me who used to be your everything (it’s me)

This ugly truth
This is it, there’s no answer (this is it)
I’m a fool for not wanting to believe it
Would I have been living in a different world if I loved you less?


Get me out of this exhausting street
Love is like a plant that two people grow together
But since one day, I feel like a fool by myself
Your hypocritical words say that we should continue this relationship
(Just say something bad like, leave me)

On dark nights, even if you’re next to me
You feel so far away, only loneliness and sorrow
I can hear it, la da da
The heart that’s about to leave, la da da
The heart that’s about to leave, la da da, it goes like

I keep fading away (Can you not see me anymore)
My breath becomes air (Can you not hear me anymore)
Only the time of memories go backwards

Hold me

I’m afraid of your explessionless smile
It’s so upsetting
But I can see it, la da da
Your closed heart
On this edge where I have nowhere to go if pushed
Hold me

lagi suka sama lagu ini, vocalnya bagus, mantep, enak, musicnya enak buat temen ngerjain tugas, nulis blog, browsing, pokoknya enak buat yang butuh ketenangan namun gak bikin ngantuk. Brown eyed girls album sixt sense ni bener-bener nunjukin kualitas vocal, beda dengan konsep album sebelumnya. Ya lumayan lah buat nambah koleksi lagu biar gak bosen secara kerjaan tiap hari nongkrongin komputer. jadi jadi coba dengerin lagunya simak liriknya yo...


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