I am strong, because I am weak...
I am beautiful, because I know my flaws...
I am a lover, because I have been afraid...
I am wise, because I have been foolish...
And I can laugh, because I’ve known sadness...
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30 Mar 2011

jeongmal mianhae

Dear Mr Krab

I'm sorry if this take so much your precious time

I'm sorry if this take your attention

I'm sorry if this hurts you

let take a space between us, to make sure our feelings to each other

love has prepared from the beginning for today when we'll meet again

I wish you could be happy instead from now, There's nothing else I can do

Hope that you could reach your dream, being a good man for your lady

I'm just your little black star in your own galaxy, i always rounds you, I

could only see you from a distance

I just want being remember as your little lady that ever came to your

wonderful life.

cuma mau bilang, maaf karena selama ini ternyata aku sedikit ngerti kamu.

let say this word if we not in 'good feeling'

Everybody hurts some days, It's okay to be afraid
Everybody hurts, Everybody screams
Everybody feels this way, And that's okay

jeongmal mianhae


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